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Open House in Comox Valley

Pros and Cons of Hosting an Open House in Comox Valley

Are you planning on selling your house in Comox Valley? If you are, you may be considering whether or not you should host an open house. Open houses remain heavily debated in the real estate industry. This age-old debate has brought forward a number of pros and cons. In order to decide what the best choice is for you, we have put together a list of the advantages and disadvantages of open houses. Follow along below to learn more!

  • Pros:

One of the benefits of hosting an open house is that you attract unexpected buyers. Oftentimes, open houses will draw in potential buyers who happen to pass by the event or those who are just beginning the buying process. In addition, hosting an open house can mean increased awareness from those in your area. Thus, generating a buzz around your property which can in turn attract more serious buyers! Finally, an open house provides you with the unique opportunity to get immediate feedback about your home. This can be extremely beneficial when it comes to assessing the market’s response to your property. 

  • Cons

For some sellers, hosting an open house can bring up concerns about security and privacy. Since numerous guests can walk through the property, it’s hard to eliminate all of the risks. For instance, theft or visitors accessing off-limits areas. Additionally, many sellers worry that open houses will only attract unqualified buyers or nosy neighbours. Another cause for concern is that the property may become damaged in hosting an open house. Whether accidental or intentional, the risk remains. 

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Painting Tips: Get the Job Done Faster

Unless painting a room is a passion, you probably want to finish the task as soon as
possible. You still want to do a quality job though and you want to be efficient.
Here are some tips for doing just that:

● One-coat paints. Having to do a second coat is time-consuming. Fortunately,
there are several “one coat” paints that can get the job done. They don’t work for
every type of project. But, if your walls are in good condition and you’re not
dramatically changing the underlying colour, a one-coat paint is worth

● Leverage various-sized rollers. Most people use rollers for the main wall surface
and switch to brushes for the tight areas. Instead of a brush, try a smaller roller.
That can speed up the painting considerably.

● Use quality brushes and rollers. Cheap brushes tend to not hold paint evenly and
can also shed fibres. Then you have to pick them off the painted surface. Good
quality brushes and rollers may cost a little more, but the paint will be applied
more smoothly and evenly. This will save you time.

● Wear your painter’s tape. When running painter’s tape to prep a room, wear the
roll on your wrist. That way, you won’t constantly be reaching for it.

● Wrap rollers and brushes in plastic. For longer painting jobs, wrap rollers and
brushes that are not in use in plastic wrap or baggies. Not a special type of
plastic, just wrap or a baggy you use every day That will keep the brushes and
rollers wet while you take a break.

● Start in the middle. Most people start at the end of a wall and work their way to
the center. You’ll paint faster if you do the opposite. In addition, you’ll avoid
applying too much paint in the corners. People are apt to use too much when
they start there.

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