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How to Pack for a Move

You never thought you owned a lot of stuff before. Now you have to move and you’re
not sure where to begin. It probably feels like too daunting a task to get everything done
by your completion date.

How are you supposed to pack it all up in time?

Take a deep breath. With the right packing tips, you can have everything out before the
deadline and keep your sanity.

This guide will show you how to pack for a move when you don’t have a lot of time to
spare, so keep reading.

Rent a Moveable Storage Container

Packing for a move is much easier if you can take the boxes out of your house and load
them up in a storage container as you go. This will help you save precious time.
You won’t have to rent a truck or a moving team to transport all your belongings to a
self-storage facility. In this way, you’re cutting out travel time to and from the unit. That
can take up a lot of time.

A portable storage container will also take all your belongings to your doorstep. This
means you won’t have to make several more trips to unload everything from storage
when you get to your new home.

While this isn’t the right fit for everyone during a move, it can make the entire process
less overwhelming.

Don’t Do It Alone

Trying to pack up your entire house on your own is a massive chore, especially if you’re
in a time crunch. Everything will be much more manageable if you have help.
Hiring a moving team is a smart choice for many homeowners. However, you won’t
have to if you can call on your friends and family and ask them for a favour. Set up a
packing day where you treat them to a meal after a day of work. You can always return
the favour when they need it.

Write a To-Do List (And Stick to It!)

Thinking about all the chores you have to do to prepare for a move can be
overwhelming. It’s easy to get distracted and overthink it. Then you may end up not
able to finish anything on time.

Don’t let yourself get carried away.

Instead, write a to-do list that includes everything you need to get done before you
leave. Focus on one step at a time. Tackling small tasks one at a time will keep you on
track and speed up the process.

Sort as You Pack

Keeping things you don’t need will take up space in your storage container or moving
truck. This means you’ll have to pay extra money for more space and spend more time
moving useless boxes.

You should try to get rid of as many items as possible while you’re packing.
Don’t let go of anything you’ll regret though.

Saving space and money is important, but it’s not worth losing precious keepsakes. If
you’re having trouble deciding whether or not you should let something go, keep it for
now. You can always get rid of it later when you have more time to think about it.

Throwing things away too quickly could bring about a lot of heartache. It will defeat the
purpose if you have to buy new replacements later.


Do your best to write a list of everything you put inside a box. Tape this list to the
outside so you know where to find things when you’re unpacking. If you can, label every
box with a room, such as “kitchen,” “bathroom,” “primary bedroom,” “laundry room,” etc.
This will make it easier to put every box in the right room. It will also reduce your risk of
losing anything during the move.

If you need to be out of your house quickly, you might not have time for such organized
packing. In this case, do your best to just get everything in a box. Though it will be
harder, you can sort it all out again later.

Pack a To-Go Bag

As you pack for a move, you should always load a to-go bag with some basic
essentials. Keep it with you during your travels. The storage container you rented might
get delayed (unlikely). The moving team might not show up at your new home on the
same day as you. A to-go bag will ensure you have enough with you to survive a day or
two without your belongings.

Here’s what you should pack in your bag:

● Wallet
● Keys
● Medications
● Important paperwork (such as your SSN, birth certificate, passport, etc.)
● Phone charger
● Toiletries
● Change of clothes
● Roll of toilet paper
● Food and water
● Pet supplies (if necessary)
● Kid supplies (if necessary)
● Bedding (if you have space)
If you have any expensive jewelry or other belongings, you should keep these with you.
It’s a good idea to pack valuables in your to-go bag to ensure they don’t get lost or
damaged during the move.

How to Pack for a Move When You Have No Time

There are a lot of steps involved with a move. Figuring out how to pack up your home is
one of the hardest. It takes up a lot of time. If you aren’t careful you could end up losing
or breaking things along the way.

5 Kitchen Items Homebuyers Never Regret

You’re searching for a new home and would like an amazing kitchen. You are putting together
a wish list of features you want in the house and in this space.

You may worry that you are being a bit too particular but don’t. According to some, the two
rooms most scrutinized by buyers are the kitchen and the ensuite in the primary bedroom.

This makes sense because the kitchen is usually considered the heart of the home. From
family dinners to the place where people congregate at a party, this room will get a ton of use.
It’s not uncommon for people to purchase a home and begin a kitchen renovation right away.
However, that may not be a project you want to take on. This makes sense. Buying a home is
expensive and a major kitchen remodel can also be expensive.

You may be willing to pay extra for a home with a kitchen that already has many of the things
on your list. Instead of settling for a good kitchen that’s not your dream and having to budget
and plan for future upgrades, you’d like to move right into pure luxury.

Here are five items you would like to have in your ideal kitchen and you may not regret adding
them to your list.

Smart Refrigerators

While they can be expensive, smart refrigerators can serve as the ultimate

These fridges come with features like voice control and sensors that detect when food
needs to be replaced. They also have temperature monitors so you can make sure your
food is always stored safely. Smart refrigerators also come with different types of
storage options, such as deep freezer drawers, adjustable shelves and more.

Farmhouse Sinks

Farmhouse sinks are a stylish addition to any kitchen and they come in a variety of
styles and materials.

Since they’re larger than traditional sinks, you’re able to fit more dishes into the basin.
That is a bonus if you don’t want to have to wash each dirty dish immediately.

They also come with a style that adds character to your kitchen. Not only that, but
farmhouse sinks are usually deeper than regular sinks and have more rounded corners
for easier clean-up.

High-End Appliances

Refrigerators with dual cooling systems, induction ranges and ovens that have Wi-Fi
connectivity, these high-end appliances can really bring your kitchen into the 21st
century. They can also add a sense of luxury and sophistication to the kitchen. This
makes it the perfect place to entertain guests and family alike.

Chic and savvy, high-end appliances can essentially upgrade a kitchen without
remodelling the entire space. It’s possible you’ll find houses with newer high-end kitchen
appliances though the space is a bit on the older side.

Built-In Storage

A great way to maximize your kitchen space, built-in storage is a major win.

Having shelves and drawers that are integrated into the cabinetry makes it easy to
organize everything from ingredients to cookware. Not only does built-in storage add
convenience, but it also looks great. It can really enhance your kitchen’s overall

Kitchen Island

There’s no such thing as having too much space in a kitchen. An island is something
worth putting on your must-have list.

With an island, you can keep all of your ingredients organized in one place. You can
also have a designated spot for prep work. Kitchen islands come in different styles and
finishes so you can find one that looks perfect.

It’s easy to get caught up in an otherwise great home with a mediocre kitchen. Just
remember, this is a space you’re going to be spending a lot of time in for years to come.

You won’t regret holding out for a home that has at least some of these five items. They
will enhance your home. You’ll never wish your kitchen was a little less great. You may
regret saving a few bucks by settling and then feel you need to upgrade.