creating a welcome entry selling comox valley homes

Creating a Welcoming Environment when Selling your Courtenay Home

When buyers view your home, you want them to feel welcomed, of course! You do not want them to feel like they’re intruders or a nuisance. How do you create that impression? Here are a few proven ideas to create a welcoming environment.

The foyer

This is where buyers first set foot in your home. It’s where they form their first impressions. Make sure the foyer is tidy and feels spacious. Ensure the doormat (if you have one) is clean or new. If you anticipate wet weather during a showing, have a convenient place for buyers to put their footwear.


Does a dark space or poorly lit room make you feel welcomed? Likely not! So, go through your home and check that the lighting is sufficient and pleasant. If possible, have three light sources in each room, including passive light from windows.

Interior doors

Nothing says “You’re not welcome” more than a closed door. Wherever possible, have interior doors open. You want buyers to feel comfortable exploring your home without questioning whether they can enter a particular space. There may be exceptions, of course, such as the door to a storage room.

Personal items

In most cases, buyers are walking through a stranger’s house. (Yours!) For some, that means there may be a sense of discomfort. For example, if buyers see a family portrait on the wall, they might feel like intruders. To put buyers at ease, remove as many personal items as possible. By creating a “blank slate”, you’ll help them visualize themselves living there.

The more welcomed you can make buyers feel when they view your home, the more interest you’ll get.

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