Houses for Sale in Courtenay

Summer is the Best Time to Buy Houses for Sale in Courtenay

Summertime is here! With the added warmth and relaxation in the air, now is the time to buy houses for sale in Courtenay. Achieving your real estate goals of buying a home is best done during the summer months. From excellent weather to historically better inventory, summer is a great time for buyers to jump in on the housing market. To help you get a better idea of why summer is the best time to purchase a house, I wrote this blog post. Continue reading the article below to learn more!

Why Buy Houses for Sale in Courtenay During the Summer?

One of the main reasons that buyers choose to invest in a property during the summer is increased inventory levels. Historically, the real estate market experiences greater real estate activity during the summer months. Because of this, there is often a larger range of property types in different price ranges. With more homes on the market, you increase your odds of finding your dream home. 

Another perk to buying during the summer months is better curb appeal. When you look at a property during the winter or fall, it can be difficult to imagine how it will look with lush greenery, blooming flowers, and vibrant landscaping that typically accompanies the summer season. This makes it hard to picture what you are investing in. By viewing properties during the summer you get a better sense of the full potential of the property. This is also a good gauge of what kind of neighbourhood you are buying within. 

If find a home that you love, the summer weather is also more favourable for home inspections. Having an inspector evaluate a potential investment is much easier during the warmer months. This is because it is easier to spot structural flaws, inspect roofing, examine drainage systems and check the condition of the backyard. Moreover, increased hours of daylight make for more comprehensive inspections. 

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