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Showing your Home on Short Notice

Unless you’re selling in a strong sellers’ market, you should take advantage of every opportunity to show your home.

Say, for example, an interested buyer would like to see your property tomorrow evening. If you say no, they might see another listing in the meantime — and make an offer!

Being prepared to show your home at the drop of a hat is important. That doesn’t mean you should agree to be inconvenienced constantly. However, if you can put up with some disruptions in your plans now and then, you’ll increase your chances of selling your property.

Consider these tips:

  1. Avoid restricting showings to a particular weekday, such as Monday evening and Saturday afternoon. What if an interested buyer isn’t available on those days?
  2. Try to keep your home clean and tidy. That way, you can accommodate a short-notice request to see your listing more easily. You may even want to consider temporarily hiring a cleaner.
  3. Make a list of places you can take your family on short notice. Include your pets as some people are afraid or don’t care for your furry friends. For example, a park, a movie, the beach, for ice cream.

In the Comox Valley, we are not experiencing the frantic market we have lived through since 2020. Prices are not increasing as they were and it is taking longer for some properties to sell. It is a more balanced market even though we are not seeing a big increase in available homes for sale.

You do not want to miss the opportunity to have potential buyers see your home. You never know when or which person is going to be the one to make that offer! Discussions about showing, how to best present your property, and other tips gained from experience are well worth having. If you have any questions about these or other things, call today.

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Preparing to Sell: Get your Spring Cleaning Done Faster

Spring cleaning your home or condominium in the Comox Valley can seem like a great idea until you actually get started. Then it often turns out to be more work than expected! The good news is, there are proven techniques to make the job easier so you can get it done faster.

Plan ahead for Spring Cleaning in Comox Homes

Before you begin the project, make sure you have everything you need: hammers, boxes, tape, garbage bags, etc. Think of the supplies you’ll need and the tools that will make tasks easier. You don’t want to waste time on frequent trips to the store.

Move without Injury!

Consider renting a small moving trolley (AKA hand truck.) That will make it much easier to move heavy objects, such as furniture, as you’re cleaning. You can probably rent one from a local home improvement centre.

Donate what you Don’t Plan on Using

Plan how you’re going to dispose of waste and unwanted stuff. Find out where you can donate clothes, toys, furniture, and other items. There are many places to do this in Courtenay and Comox. Note the location of your local garbage disposal in Cumberland and its hours of operation.

Make a List

Divide tasks into “heavy work” and “light work” and then do the heavy work first, such as moving furniture, reorganizing rooms, etc. Only after completing the heavy work should you dive into the “light work”, such as packing boxes and sweeping.

Ask for Help!

Consider getting help. There are many services available that will assist with cleaning, painting, junk removal, repairs, and more. You can even hire a student to assist you for a weekend.